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Label-Shmabel – The Credit Score Labels You are Tired of

Label-Shmabel – The Credit Score Labels You are Tired of

Credit scores are one of the most important three-digit numbers in an adult’s life. It becomes exceptionally important when you are going to a lending institution to borrow some money or to the bank to get a credit card. Since credit score is taken as an indication of the creditworthiness by lenders, they use it as a scale to define whether or not they will be lending you money. Furthermore, a credit score also determines the conditions under which they are willing to offer you the money. With low credit scores, you are going to get higher interest rates and more strict terms than you would’ve been given if you had a good credit score.

With these different credit scores come different labels. The people with high credit score are labeled as the best ones to lend money to. They wear this label as a badge of honor and they are welcomed in all lending institutions with open arms. On the other hand, people with poor credit score also have to wear it as a label which differentiates them from others in the lending institutions. The result is that they get different terms and conditions for their credit cards or loans or may be denied loans altogether. This affects their quality of life, impacts their lending capabilities, and also other life goals, such as landlord approval and renting, promotions, banking, buying property or a vehicle, and starting their own business.

How a Credit Score Affects Your Life Goals

If you think that the credit score is just a number, think again. It affects the entire life of an individual for the better or worse. Here is just a glimpse of how poor credit scores impact the quality of life of an individual.

The Price of Your Bills is Raised

A low credit score makes one look untrustworthy with money, and we are not just talking about banks. Companies that you purchase goods from, do business with or have subscriptions from may also worry about your score and will charge you a higher fee than they usually would charge a normal client. This includes cellphone companies, utility providers, insurance companies, etc.

It Brings Problems in Renting Property

Landlords usually look for tenants that have a good credit score. You are most likely to miss out on your dream home to rent if you do not have a good credit score. Your credit profile score is considered the second most important factor after rent-to-income ratio when property managers are considering tenants. A landlord will not feel comfortable renting out their home to you because of your past credit issues.

Higher Interest Rate on Mortgage

It is a well-known fact that you get higher interest rates on low credit scores and vice versa. In fact, a low credit score is one of the main reasons many people are not able to afford their own homes. Thus, if you have a bad credit score, it is better to delay this big purchase until you have consulted with a credit repair company first.

But, Whose Fault it is?

With the above-mentioned drawbacks of having a poor credit, it is quite clear that a poor credit score is going to take you nowhere. You will have a poor credit score label on you that will prevent you from leading a normal life like any other individual with a good credit score. While most of these labels might be there because of the fault of the individuals, it is not the case all the time. In fact, many times, these labels are unfair and have been put there due to administration errors, questionable credit listing and inaccurate data. It is important to understand your credit report and credit score before you go to any financial institution to make sure your credit score is not wrong.

If you don’t know how to repair your credit score and change this label that is affecting all spheres of your life, you can always get help from a credit repair company. The best credit repair companies will take into account all the factors that led to this poor credit report. They will look for all administrative errors, inaccurate data or questionable listings before they go on for your credit report repair. This is a very important phase as your future finances are dependent on your credit report.

It is very important to choose the right credit repair service for your credit report repair as you cannot risk your future finances with it. Choose a credit repair company that has professionals with sound knowledge and experience of credit repair. They will take on your case and help you get rid of the poor credit label that is jeopardizing your future goals and also your pride.

With a repaired credit report, you will be able to wear this new label with pride and will also be able to get the finances you need to achieve the important goals in your life.

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